Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Inter-religious dialogue is the art of religions

Inter-religious dialogue is the art of religions
Ven. Lama Geshe Gedun Tharchin
April 2016
I would like to make a brief presentation regarding Inter-religious dialogue as an art of religion. Religion in general should be a world cultural heritage and religious values have contributed for centuries to enhance the human value and dignity. 
Here I am making light on the beauty of religion in modern society. In a modern, secular society the beauty of religion is it's characteristic and capacity of enriching human value by being creative and artistically contributing harmony between different religious traditions. Every religion should be transformed into an art of Inter-religious dialogue.
If all religious traditions could become interfaith Arts, that will then become the supreme beauty of religion itself. Eventually such beauty will develop a beautiful art piece of happiness within each and every citizen and the city.
The spirit of religion should be an harmonious human heart that could bring a harmonious spirit within all levels of human societies and families, including oneself. Religious values are compatible with any social and cultural contexts, specially in regard with the cultural context of modern democratic system and globalised world.
Religion is a medicine for nourishing human soul and means of preserving healthy eco-system of our planet. Religion gives a wast methods, how to implicate by means of non violence way of sustaining lives and environment. Today Religions have ever important role to play in globe of 21 century, that has been severely affected by global crises of economy and natural disasters.
To defend our planet from growing of nuclear weapons and wars, religions have a major role to promote universal ethical values and understanding of human values. Also Religious spiritual wisdom can provide great service for reducing global warming through increasing spiritual doctrine of Selflessness and decreasing the human Egoistic attitudes.
At the end, World religions must be united in their essential messages for the sake of betterment of all human kinds and to save our planet from wars and violences. All world religions must become one family to fulfil all humanity with providing multi-religions and multicultural values and ethics.
In order to bring about the best product of religious doctrines world religions must have one common dream. Religions must be means of providing World Peace through spirit of Inter-religious dialogue and understanding of Universal moral principle “Unity in diversity and Diversity in Unity”.
This is the moment for the world religions to prove their sincerity, purity and capacity of providing peace and harmony for the human kinds. Religions must work together and come together with their best arts to bring about realization of the promise land, paradise on the earth.
May the peace be prevailed throughout the globe and may long live United spirit of world religions.