Friday, 24 October 2014

My summer trip 2014

My summer trip 2014

Finally I am in Rome after my summer trip to Nepal. The trip was good but also quite tiring. Anyway, eventually all experiences are important and significant. This time I have spent a nice time with Mom, Dad and little brother at home. I think it has been very important to stay and sharing some time together with them as well as to observe their health conditions. I've found that their health condition is changing every year and getting weaker. At that time I also noticed that I am also getting old with them too!

I spent about three months at home in Tashiling Tibetan Village, Pokhara. This is the first time I had a vacation that lasted three months at home since I had left home for south of India, Tibetan Monastery Ganden in my age of 13 in 1976!

Last year, I also stayed over two months at home with them as one of the longest period of vacation spent at home. These moments were very important for both sides of us in order to learn more about the situation and to care their everyday life and their health conditions and to find out their needs for care and support. They have came through various difficulties since they have lived as refugees in Nepal for more than five decades. For the time being, their health conditions are relatively good and living with a life of much religious acts as most of the time devoted to the daily routine of prayers and practices.

While my time being there I made a short trip to Lumbini, birth place of Buddha. I also travelled with Dad, Mom and brother, and also our little dog Jimmy to Kathmandu for few days holiday. We visited some sacred places - Boudha Nath and Swyambu.

It is just a brief report of this trip to Nepal. Much peace and happiness to all......