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Author’s note

Author’s note

This book was principally born as a result of a spontaneous action taken by Anna and Giovanni. Initially they did simply recording and transcribing some lectures when they were just begun to attend a serial of lectures (except the first chapter “BUDDHISM’ which composed for presenting a public conference had held in Padua city and the eight chapter “Compassion and Wisdom” of a conference held at Simmetria centre - Roma) I was giving at Centro Tara Bianca - Roma in 1999 - 2000. Gradually their interest has been increased and eventually they took an initiative for producing a book out of the transcribed materials.

             Due to a volunteer initiative the recorded material were partial and contains are limited. Also since I don’t read Italian, no modifications have been given. The lectures had given in English and translated in to Italian by our friend Guglielmo. As regular classes the lectures had no much preparation undertaken and my limited knowledge of English has caused lots of fragments to be explored great details of philosophical points. Despite all those limitations we did try our best to work through out book to check the Italian, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Pali vocabularies. To complete certain titles, we arranged some specific lectures with in the circle of Lam-rim Institute program, which took place at Foundation Maitreya- Rome. The last chapter on six paramita is transcription of a weekend course took at Milarepa Center; Torino was voluntarily transcribed by Mr. Carlo Francesco Conti and Mrs. Lia. I admired their joyous effort.

A mystical character has occurred to this book is the all richness and the unique quality of the book has mainly laid on my limitations. My poor English has presented very simple and an accessible Buddhism to the ordinary readers. No given modification has left a natural and original dharma version. The lectures mostly given without preparation has brought a real core of dharma as came directly from the heart rather taken from books and notes.

To brief the contents, I tried to present a profound yet very simple vision of the fundamental concepts of Buddhism, irrespective specific tradition. My scope is to pick up the essence of Buddhist thoughts and meditation skills without taking the individual tradition’s back grounded cultural influences. I did try to illustrate here a clear, pure and modest manner of Buddhism that easily and practically can be integrated in and helpful to simplify every day life of today’s sophisticated inter-net society.

I believe this could help to fulfil an unavoidable natural tendency many people having towards Buddhist thoughts and practices. I hope with gaining short term and long term outcomes of the Dharma will allow many people could enjoy a meaningful life with satisfaction and peace, yet with out being lost richness of dominated cultural identity, great respect to all religious traditions and admiration toward social harmony.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge my grateful and admiration toward humanist Mrs. Anna Maria Tomasino, and Dr. Giovianni Leberti for their long painstaking efforts has been cared in order to be realised this dharma book. Thanks to Zen monk Guglielmo Capelli for translating and given initial corrections. Thanks to Theravada Bikshu Ven. Chandpalo, the abbot of Santacittarama monastery and Maria Angela Fala, the president of Italian Buddhist Union for proof reading. Thanks to Maurizio Bevilacqua for editing and Mr. Franco Del Moro, the director of Associazione Letteraria "Ellio Selae" for the publication. Thanks to my friends throughout the world for their gentleness of co-operating all my virtuous initiatives.

May all beings will meet their peace and happiness.

Gedun Tharchin
Rome, May 2003 

The path to Nirvana

a) Contents

b) Author’s note

1) Buddhism

2) Karma

3) Buddha nature

4) Sense of human life

5) Death and birth

6) Way to liberation

7) Renunciation

8) Compassion and Wisdom

9) Entering Mahayana

10) Developing Boddhicitta

11) Boddhisattva actions

12) Generosity

13) Morality

14) Patience

15) Perseverance

16) Concentration

17) Wisdom

18) Meditation techniques

19) Six paramita of Shantideva and Milarepa

20) Author’s biography