Friday, 26 June 2015

Love Nature, Live Naturally

Love Nature, Live Naturally
Gedun Tharchin

Save Nature for saving the humanity,
Live peacefully for the global peace,
Think positive for the good health,
Be friendly for universal brotherhood.

 Live in nature,

Live naturally,
Live with natural mind,
Live in natural awareness.

Love nature,
Love neighbors,
Love humans,
Love animals.

Be compassionate,
Be happy,
Be joyful,
Be helpful.

Do selflessly,
Do passionately,
Do peacefully,
Do harmlessly.

Harmony is a natural gift,
Humanism is a natural gift,
Health is a natural gift,
Happiness is a natural gift.

Appreciate Natural Meditation,
Appreciate Natural Yoga,
Appreciate Natural Walk,
Appreciate Natural Foods.

Be aware of Selfless I,
Be aware of Self without Ego,
Be aware of Mind without fabrications,
Be aware of Love without attachment.

Find the real sense of life,
Find the real meaning of humanity,
Find the real sense of world,
Find the real sense of universal responsibility.

Harmoniously live coherent with Time,

Harmoniously live coherent with Space,
Harmoniously live coherent with circumstances,
Harmoniously live coherent with changes.

Speak in silence of mind,
Share in silence of heart,
Love in silence of joy,
Live in silence of time.

Natural Mind is the supreme Mind,

Natural Mind is the Peaceful Mind,
Natural Mind is the Pure Mind,
Natural Mind is the Joyful Mind.

Discover the Innate Mind,
Discover the Original Mind,
Discover the Natural Mind,
Discover the Non-fabricated Mind.

Innate Mind is the Innate Meditation,
Original Mind is the Original Meditation,
Natural Mind is the Natural Meditation,
Non-fabricated Mind is the Pure Meditation.

Treasure of heart resides within heart,

Treasure of heart can't be existed without heart,
Treasure of heart resides within spirit of compassion,
Treasure of heart can't be existed without spirit of compassion.

Discover the Primordial Mind through Natural Mind and Body,
Reside and abide in Primordial Mind and Body,
Be in Oneness of Primordial Mind and Body,
Be liberated the Self in Primordial Mind and Body.

Every atom equals to numerous atoms in the entire Universe,
Every existence formed by indivisible atoms and atom is an invisible subtle reality,
The reality of the Mind and Body is an invisible and indivisible atom,
Space of an indivisible and invisible atom equals to the space of entire atoms in the Universe!

The potential of Nature equals to power of an Enlightened Mind,
A respect towards the Nature equals honoring the Buddha,
Knowing the reality of the Nature equals to knowing the Wisdom,
The Essence of the Nature and the Nature of the Buddha present in all beings.

Use the Mind to penetrate the Mind itself,

Mind of Awareness can refine the Mind,
A refined Mind can view the quint essence nature of all,
Let Self and all be relayed upon the most subtle Awareness. 

Universe is simple, 

Humans are simple,
Mind is simple,
Simplify the life.

Seek the natural happiness

Natural happiness is the supreme goodness
Goodness of nature is the best gift
Gift of the Nature is the ultimate wealth.

No wars, let peace.

No tears, let smile.
No pains, let happiness.
No violence, let dialogue.

Care the senses to cure the Heart.
Search the philosophy to seek the truth.
Love your idea to see beauty of everything.
Live with the truth of beauty in your heart.

Let Democracy to expel demagogy.

Stand in light to see the shadow.
Seek the wisdom to experience the Truth.
Live with heart and look to the Universe.

Love is the treasure of your heart,
Expend your heart with loving all,
Develop your wisdom through love,
Live with complete life with a full of love.

Move with Selfless I
Live in Selfless Self
Work in Emptiness of Love
Act without acting

Love our planet and fellow beings with more heart then words.
Give more care our planet then to ourselves.

War is poison for humanity.
War is against humanism.
War is an inhuman act.
War is opposed to Peace.

Peace would come only through peaceful actions.
Peace within is the root of World Peace.
Seek the peace within through inner research.
Live peacefully and without enemies.

Think of peace.
Speak of peace.
Walk with peace.
Work with peace.

Peace is spirituality.
Peace is Meditation.
Peace is Psychology.
Peace is medicine.

Live with compassionate heart.
Live with wisdom of truth.
Live with virtues actions.
Live with joyful spirit.

Inner life is boundless.
Inner values are infinite.
Inner peace is endless.
Inner joy is everlasting.